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Our Vision

Vision Statement

Those who gather at Wayside are committed to following God’s Word and pleasing Him in all that we are and all that we do. Wayside is dedicated to being a church that has a powerful and steadfast influence in the community. As a result, we believe Wayside will become recognized in the community as something of value.

At a personal level we have decided to love other believers unconditionally. We choose to boldly take God’s message of hope, through Jesus Christ, to our families, friends and neighbours.

Within 10 years we see the young men and women of today taking leadership in all aspects of church life. We believe this will lead to increasing numbers in our gathering.

Mission Statement

As believers in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, we come together for worship, praise, prayer, biblical teaching, and the proclamation of the gospel. We support the ministries of Wayside with our time, talents and financial resources. We live so that the Word of God is seen as our everyday standard. We value people above programs.

We go out each week displaying Christ-like love and acting with compassion to meet the needs of our community. This creates the opportunity to share our faith which, through the Spirit, results in people being brought to Christ and attracted to our fellowship.